Create Your Custom Scent Online

We wanted to offer the opportunity for everyone to experience our Scent Bar Experience.   Not everyone lives in the Charlotte area or have the time to host or visit our studio. The process is the same, except we do everything through the mail, for your convenience.
  • To begin the process, complete the form below where you will choose up to six (6) scents to blend;

  • We will mail your scent combination(s) to you on individual scent blotter strips for each blending combination (up to two);

  • (Optional) The scents smell slightly different when mixed with a base than on paper.  Before purchasing the Scent Blending Experience for $25  you may request to sample your new custom scent in our lotion, cream and bath gel base for $6.95 plus shipping ;

  • If the sampler meets your approval and you decide to purchase the complete Experience for $25, we will credit you the $6.95 you paid.

Note: A (M) after a scent means that it's a good choice to use in a blend for a male.

Full Name E-mail Phone Number Street Address City, State, Zip Code
Choose your scents (up to six)
Amber & Driftwood (Warm, Earthy, Musk) (M)
Bamboo & Coconut (Spa, Fresh)
Beachwood (Woodsy, Sea, Fresh)
Black Currant & Jasmine (Fruity, Floral)
Black Sea (Ocean, Dark Musk, Seductive) (M)
Cactus Flower & Jasmine (Floral, Earthy)
Calla Lilly (Fresh, Floral, Light Musk)
Caribbean Teakwood (Spicy, Leather, Woodsy) (M)
Cashmere Musk (Dark Musk, Earthy, Light Floral)
Citronella (Essential Oil, Citrus, Slightly Fruity)
Coconut Lime (Citrus, Tropical)
Dragon's Blood (Sweet, Spicy, Earthy)
Egyptian Amber (Woodsy, Bold Musk) (M)
Frankincense & Myrrh (Citrus, Woodsy, Powder) (M)
Frosted Juniper (Fresh, Evergreen, Fruity, Woodsy)
Gardenia Tuberose (Tropical, Floral)
Ginger & Spice (Gourmand, Cinnamon, Vanilla)
Grapefruit & Mangosteen (Fruity, Citrus, Sweet)
Green Tea & Lemongrass (Citrus, Light Musk)
Hibiscus Palm (Floral, Sultry, Tropical)
High Tide (Sea, Powder, Light Musk, Fruity) (M)
Jamaica Me Crazy (Tropical, Fruity, Rum, Sweet)
Lavender (Essential Oil, Calming, Sweet, Floral, Woodsy)
Lemon (Essential Oil, Citrus)
Lemongrass (Essential Oil, Earthy, Sweet, Grassy, Floral)
Oakmoss & Amber (Fruity, Earthy, Light Floral) (M)
Patchouli (Essential Oil, Earthy, Spicy, Slightly Sweet) (M)
Peppermint (Essential Oil, Minty)
Rosemary Sage (Pine, Floral, Earthy, Woodsy)
Sea Salt & Orchid (Soft Floral, Spa, Light Musk)
Sel De Mar (Spa, Light Musk)
Suede & Smoke (Leather, Musk, Earthy) (M)
Sweet Orange (Essential Oil, Citrus, Sweet)
Tonka & Oud (Woodsy, Musk, Sweet, Mellow) (M)
Very Vanilla (Gourmand, Buttercream, Bourbon)
White Birch (Pine, Eucalyptus)
White Currant (Botanical, Tart, Sweet, Zesty)
White Eucalyptus (Spearmint, Powder, Relaxing)
White Sage & Lavender (Woodsy, Chamomile, Cedar)
White Tea (Spa, Uplifting, Mandarin, Lemongrass)
Fresh Cut Grass (Notes of Grass & Green Leaves)
Moroccan Cashmere (Woodsy, Musk, Smooth) (M)
Neroli and White Jasmine (Wedding, Floral, Citrus)
Sea Minerals (Calming, Light, Airy) (M)
Cotton and Iris (Light Musk, Light Woodsy, Fresh)
Leather (Rich, Sensual, Amber, Fine leather) (M)
Lily of the Valley (Floral, Lilac, Romantic, Musk)
White Oak and Vanilla (Spicy, Oak, Rich Whiskey) (M)
Chamomile Tea (Herbal Lavender, Cedar, Sweet)
Coffee Shop (Energizing, Coffee Beans, Caramel)
Neem Oil (woody, a little garlicky, nutty)
Eucalyptus (mint, honey, citrus)
Rosemary (fresh, woodsy, herbal, minty)
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