Fijian Deep Tissue Barefoot Massage

First, it must be noted that Fijian Barefoot Massage DOES NOT  include walking on the body.  Instead, the therapist uses the heel and arch of the foot to apply deep pressure which is more effective at loosening tight muscles than hands and elbows.
Fijian Massage comes from the Fiji Islands and is a technique that is handed down from generation to generation and is not formally taught.  In its current Western form, the technique can be applied with the client fully clothed or the traditional method using cream and/oils.

30 minute Fijian Massage Session

starting at $48

This is a great session for focusing on a specific area, such as the back.

60 minute Fijian Massage Session

starting at $85

This session is more of a full body massage.

90 minute Fijian Massage Session

starting at $134

This is a full body session that allows time to focus on specific areas of concern for the client.

What to expect during your session.

When we think of a getting a massage, we think of a massage table.  You will be lying on a massage table but it is low to the floor with a temper-pedic mat for extra comfort.  You will need to be able to get up and down with ease.  It is advised to wear loose clothing if not getting a traditional session using cream.

The therapist wears booties or socks to protect their feet before the massage.  Disinfecting wipes are used on their feet for sanitation and cleanliness before and after each session.  The therapist will walk on a floor covering to change position around the body.

The client is given the option of receiving the massage fully clothed or the traditional way using cream.  The therapist will leave the room, while the client undresses and positions themselves on the floor mat.

The therapist will position themselves on a folding chair or stool in order to start the session and will move the chair/stool around the body to complete the session.  At no time will the therapist actually walk on the client's body.

This is not an exhaustive list, but the following are contraindications for Fijian Deep Tissue Massage:

  • Any Swollen or inflamed areas

  • Any conditions in acute stages

  • Any condition requiring blood thinners

  • Any condition requiring medicines that inhibit sensation

  • Any recent surgeries

  • Broken bones or fractures

  • Pregnancy

  • Osteoporosis

  • Phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins

  • uncontrolled diabetes

  • uncontrolled hypertension

  • frail elderly

  • hemophilia

If you are unsure as to whether this technique is suitable for you, please contact your physician before scheduling.  

All clients must fill out the health history form online before their session.